6+ Simple Hacks to Stop Stomping When Walking

If you Walk heavily on your feet. You always feel like there’s something strange the way you walk, it’s just that you sort of stomping on the ground when you walk.

It has nothing to do with the laziness or reluctance to go somewhere you have to go, neither with the type of shoes you wear.

Why do some people stomp when they walk?

As I stated above stomping has nothing to do with your laziness, your shoes, and your weight. Its all about the way you walk and control your stride, I have seen some people with heavyweight but they walk lightly on their feet.

The main reason why some people stomp when walking is because of their uncontrolled and unfocused walking habits which cause their weight to heavily impact their heels and resulting in a loud stomping sound on hard floors, which they might don’t even notice.

Scientific Reason Behind Stomping

When you stomp, its because you walk with your center of gravity towards your trailing foot. The result is that your front leg extends, straight, and your heel hits the ground first-thud.

Simple Hacks to Stop Stomping When Walking

  1. Try to relax when you walk.
  2. Contol your Foot as it hits the floor instead of letting drop.
  3. Walk on tiptoe.
  4. Walk on heel then toe.
  5. Think lightly when you walk.
  6. Strengthen your Feet and Control your Stride.
  7. Walk slowly and Confidently.
  8. Practice regularly and Pay attention to your walk.

Some Additional Tips

The following tips might be complex for you to concentrate on when doing a walk, but they will help you control stomping:

  1. Don’t “step” but place your foot & shift the weight onto it. [Tigers are experts at doing this when HUNTING 😉 ]
  2. Create a low center of gravity over a wide stance.
  3. When you do shift the weight onto your feet foot dip slightly to again slowly transfer the weight onto the floor.
  4. Depending on your foot you may find it less noisy to “tiptoe” or to transfer the weight in a normal walking manner.

And the Last but not least, another walking guide by Dr. Joile BookSpan

  1. When going down steps or a hill, use muscles to step down lightly.
  2. Use the leg still on the upper step to decelerate.
  3. Instead of just falling onto the lower step, keep weight on the upper leg to lower yourself slightly.
  4. Then add shock absorption from the leg that steps down.
  5. Bend the knee and use thigh muscles as you touch the ground.
  6. The same principles apply to normal walking and running.


Walking heavily and Creating a Stomping noise can be irritative for the people near you. It feels like marching like a heavy equipped soldier. Hitting the ground hard with your heel also results in a cracked bottom of the shoes you are wearing etc.

Following the above-mentioned tips and practicing regularly will definitely help you reduce noise and stop stomping when walking.

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